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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Where's Dan Widing? Follow our Road Ways Trips since 1998

Update.  We have not quit our dedication to going places to learn about them.  Dan Widing on trips. Follow curiosity to develop a brain.  This works for everyone.  See http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/curiosity-prepares-the-brain-for-better-learning/

Dan Widing wants to know everything about everybody.
  • Mom: Dan has Down Syndrome and is an inquisitive, flexible traveler who writes his own journals, some laid out here.  
  • I want to scan all of them in when I can, but until then, follow our trips on our usual Europe Road Ways blogs, name the country and type in blogspot.com. 
    •  For example, americaroadways.blogspot.com, or norwayroadways.blogspot.com, etc.  
As a result of all our silly no-agenda trips, Dan seeks out libraries three to four times a week, in addition to holding down a good part-time job at a supermarket, working at athletics through Special Olympics, types (a typewriter, like Uncle Don) his manuscripts of what he has learned, and knows more history than most of the rest of us.

How to find Dan over these years? For photos, get to Google images, or any other browser images, and type in Dan Widing road ways, or Daniel Widing road ways.
  • On non-google, add CT -- Daniel Widing CT, or Dan Widing Ct.  That helps filter out the hotshot and surely fine professional hockey player, who is, of course, invited to visit us any time.  We'd love it.  Email.

Where's Dan?  You will catch on. You will find a professional Swedish hockey player of the same name, and others, all of whose lives on google do not look half as varied and fun as Dan's.  Once you spot Dan, and your eyes find him in the photos, the smiles start.  He may be the tiny figure to the side of some huge monument, or featured.

Experience and curiosity add to brain power.  He has, instead of going to college, which is not feasible for him, but any child should have a stake in education, contributed to annual two-weeks' trips in Europe or America.  We rent a car, stay anywhere, eat pub food usually, no tours, no reservations.  He has blossomed.  Justification:  a mind engaged in curiosity develops faster and learns faster.  Get on images and see what actually going somewhere can do to enrich, spark, and get laughs.

For those who are not able to do these budget trips, and insurance liability concerns these days prevent taking risks lightly, all we can say is, do it close to home, then.  Do some overnights in your own state.  Take off. See where you end up.  Where is your child?  Your adult with mental disabilities?  Better off with experience and curiosity than without.  Ask Abe. See http://www.gilderlehrman.org/programs-exhibitions/calendar/world-abraham-lincoln

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Friday, June 04, 2010

dan treval man croatia, trieste, bosnia, slovenia

[see Croatia Road Ways; Montenegro Road Ways; Bosnia Road Ways; Slovenia Road Ways .

Dan on roadside armchair, overlooking Primosten, Dalmatian coast, Croatia.

we take limo toward jfk airport jfk to frankfurt zagerb

i love my trip
with my mom iam treval campign
with my mom on trips

now croatia mountenrgo bosnia ; slovenia ; center croatia
we went through slovenia
we went tristee italy
i love the view coast we saw cathdral castle on looking
the veiw of tristee
and we went sinj
i love the castles in yugolsavia
we saw statue pope st paul

the second my frivate palces are miragoj cemetery in zagarb

german cemetery there. war memorials
world war 2 momorial memorial of tito
i love marshell tito and went momrial red ster communsit.

we went up the monstary on the ciff montenegro walked around

and we went
bosina i saw muslims turks cemetery

and we went mostar bridge i love the
bridge walked around turks corner

i love the turks corner at mostar
i love the history.

ljubljana i love the history at ljubjana

we saw a side show very
intrest history and we walked around liberation square french square
i love french
square is my firvate in ljubjana i love french square.

we saw memrial of the jasenovac
concretion camps croatia serbs bosians jews slovenes we saw big tulp in memory of them
i walked
around to honor them and we saw prisoner trian

i walked around big tulp memrial

korcula we walked around we saw morco polos house and we loved it
nd we went inside history musem very inrest history korcula we take a ferry back

and we went the pilrimage site bosnia their is a service inside and outside of the church
we went and we saw statue of mary i believe when mary she had a vision
medjugurje is in bosina mary have people say mary came vision
now not so - note: seeCroatia Road Ways.
bogoml tombs we saw
i believe they doing great job.

why gone now.

we saw prime minter house lived in zegarb

cetinje we saw president lived montengro

there are two guards outside.

coastman vestia men mountain men view man
i love the coast pretty view
i have fresh outopolis
i love to eat fresh octpoils
i am fresh octpoils men octopils salad suqid man

Friday, May 28, 2010

i like travel trips

my favrite hobble travel trips
i love field trips with my mom and
i love to travel.
i love to go foreign contrys france,greatbritan,spain,
germany and romaina, ireland, scotland, england, holland, netherlands,
and belgium, italy, sicilty and lexemberg,amasterdam.

my fravite country france now and belgium amasterdam great britain and i love it

i love amasterdam i love to go sightseeing houseboats
holland belgium amasterdam

i am travel man taking trips more trips trips for the nuts.

i love battle field tour in belgium.
i love to go sightseeing in amasterdam
i love amasterdam i am very intrest dutch government

the canals i love walking
around amasterdam have boat ride
differant shapes of buildings
jewish quarters

in amasterdam anne franks house
i love anne franks house a jewish girl and her
jewish family amasterdam
many churches cathdrals dam squrge
big plazza.
i love dutch government. musems in amaterdam i love to go inside musem

i love ships musem tall ship and i love waiking inside ship in amasterdam
black watch the printing frame i am very intrest history amasterdam and i love
history in holland , neitherlands i love world war 2 holland neitherlands
i love history amasterdam

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dan in Slovakia

Vienna Bratislave Budapest. We went Mikulov, Czech Republic, then Vienna. We stay small hotel (after Vienna), small breakfast. We saw Bratislava castle, and we saw memorial to all soviets. walked around old town St. Michael's gate we saw statue of Napoleon and the bench, and Roland statue and we have eggs I have omelet.

Then we saw a sign and went to Budapest, stay, and then back to Slovakia.

Budapest Slovakia border. Lovice. Then this morning to Bojnice the castle. We saw three Indians singing (at the street fair) and walked around war memorial in Bojnice. Bojnic Castle was closed until morning so walked around town, market, war memorial, I saw mom talking to gypsies.

Bojnice. Martin Barnaskia. Bysterica Zvolen Bojnice castle.

Bojnice: There is a ghost festival in the castle. I love ghost festival lots of ghost soldier ghost with a drum. There is a ghost in the castle

There is a statue in a square in Martin town. Czecesolvia Embassey. SNP Museum. Russian Memorial in the square. Nazis slovak Jews memorial uprising. big gun tanks in the tillage. Gingerbread house. Big trees moon shining.

Saw castle on a cliff town of Zvolen. War memorial CAStle SNP memorial me and military place central slovakia. Light up castle.

Saw castle on a cliff.

To Topol Ciansky castle ruin. We can't find the Beckov castle. Past any castle we cannot the castle Nitra. Nitra castle on a rocky ledge. I love the castle.

Lovice Memorial Hrdinon Baia a Prace Zaoslobedience ceskoslovenske republiby oavecna panet 1944-1945 Levice Castle


Dan in Poland

Zakopane Kracow Oswiecim Auschwitz Szestochowa.


We walked around castle of Kracow. The cathedral St. Mary and we saw statue front of Kracow Castle. Have lunch Russian Restaurant. I have Ukraine borscht and the Kracow Square monastery statue in the square to Auschwitz concentration camp gate of auschwitz barbwire. Belgian memorial, Slovakia Jews memorial, Austrian Memorial, prison gas chamber, war memorial walked around concentration camp. Lots of prisons. We saw a nun traditional clothing

I hear Polish polka music, everybody sang and dancing.

Dan in Hungary

Vienna to Budapest.

we went Budapest  we saw many statutes funicular walked around in Budapest we saw Jewish memorial cemetary Holocaust memorial Jewish quarter they are not there and there is a park walked around saw two Jewish men. then Castle District and Habsburg Parliament. Took a train up to Castle District. Two lions. I saw liberation memorial Magyars and big bird symbol of Magyars.

In the church we saw candles light up. I take a picture of the Bridge and Danube, the parliament, the former Royal Palace towers, Buda - Pest. I have bolognese for dinner. We email Dad at the Business Center. Ferenc Rakozi II, Thomas Mann, on a horse, the statue. We saw Budapest Parliament and we saw light up at the tunnel and Queen Elizabeth Statue. I saw a Magyar family statue. We walked around a bridge. I have two books, DK book Budapest picture guide book. Mom and I walked under through the inside. There is a mall.



Dan in Austria

Mikulov to Vienna Bratliava Budapest. City of Vienna Schonbrunn Palace. We saw the musrum hall of mirrors. Franz Ferdinand bedrom. Franze Ferdinand study room. I walked up Gloriette and I walked down. Saw Roman arch, the Great Galery, millionenzinmmer view of the palace. I walked Vienna with mom I saw Red Army Liberation Memorial.

Me and a mozart statue. Emperor Francois Joseph memorial Burggarten Hungarian buried.


germany is my fravite country

[See Germany Road Ways]

i love germany to love learn world war 1,2 in germany
weimar, sad place buchenwald too but i love it i learn

i am yery intrest in history in germany concerntion camps i saw memorial
to all the victims who died in concernation camp .

my fravite place in berlin i love learn berlin wall memorial near over berlin
east germany west germany and checkpoint charle in berlin knock down the walls

we saw the walls are standing all over berlin i am very intrest
and i saw soviet war memorial with canons

the russains in berlin in checkpoint charle to go sightseeing

in postam we went headquarters we have a tour inside office of americans and
office of russain, office of british inside the headquarters their meeting rooms
serprate rooms i love it i am very intrest .

wittenberg we went to see martin lurther we saw castle church and where martin lurther
house we have a tour inside

i love martin luther he is politestant i am politestant with
martin lurthur
i saw statue of martin lurthur and we saw he works in church in wittenberg

neusthwanstein castle we have tour inside castle i love it fariy tale snow white castle

and we saw brothers grim fairy tale musem
solorwait pictrue fairy tale i love brothers grim
we in mountains we saw hitlers headquaters on top mountain very high in munich
we have tour munich my dad was station in outside munich he was american army
we went inside beer hall later wasion and i have tall glass of beer party
party i love
the band everyone drinking beer and watched the band dress lateraison

rhine river we saw castle [note - that little side turret to the left of the tower is the old toilet - not as white going down that side]

i love rhine river we went twon remagen world war 2
i saw memorial on top mountain
and i saw paece phymaid memorial i went clumb
the bridge two ruins of bridge we hear bagpipe
i love bridge remagen gone

we went Cologne- more organ grnders

Dan in the Czech Republic

we fly Air France Czech Republic's land to czech republic airport we walked towards car rental we got a car and go country. we went Central Bohemia South Bohemia Hillboka and Viitavou Castle courtyard's view of the castle last night was dark but paris lights up. Ceske Budejovice pretty square walked around the square Cesky Krumlov walked around the church

Ceske Krumlov, then Trebon, Trebic, Brno, Telc. Unesco town. Letter T Big square Big lake Statue. I saw communist soldier with a fish in a square Jakcut Krcin statue Dan Rozemberk Zjelean mayor of Trebon. Jewish saingainoe and star of David Jewish writing. Information center. Walking Jewish Cemetery. Walked around Jewish Cemetery I love it. Traffic too much construction new paving.

Austerlitz slavo u brna. Poplar trees on cemetery peace monument Russians, Austrians, French peace chapel

Slavo u Brna last night

Start from Mikulov we saw castle on a top the hill three hills and second hill the church. Third hill the castle on the hill. saw a murder hole in the gate. Border of Austria.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

[In the works: Spain]

[Meanwhile, see Spain Road Ways ]

Dan at Gibraltar.

Dan at found Roman ruins, on back road on way to Seville.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[Photos only so far: Romania and Vlad the Impaler]

[Meanwhile, see Romania Road Ways; and Romania Road Ways Vlad Tepes]

Dan with a guide who joined us at the ruin of the castle of Vlad III Tepes, Poinari Cetate.

Dan at the 14-year residence of Daniel the Hermit, 1400's. Putna, near the monastery.

Dan with Michael the Brave, 1500's.

Dan enjoying Halloween at the Dracula Club, Bucharest.

Dan with Roma violin group at the hotel, Sighetu Marmetiei, and another hotel guest who had been at a table by herself and joined us for the evening. We bought the group's CD. Very lively.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Great Britain my fravite country England Scotland Ireland

[see England Road Ways; Scotland Road Ways; Ireland Road Ways; Orkney Road Ways; Hebrides Road Ways]

iam scottish and scots irish and iam british
i love london london is my favrite city capital of england
we saw changing of the gurards in buckhamplace

i love it red unitforms with black tall hat beefeater at tower of
london tower bridge london bridge i love to go sightseeing in london

and i love to go sightseeing in england we went king arthur country we saw
tingal castle i love king arthur and i love robin hood ,peter pan,winston churchill
i love princess dania and ilove prince charles sharlock holmes dr winston
jack the ripper in london

we went nottingham we saw statue robin hood
the castle of nottingham and we went catterbury where thomas becket i love thomas
becket and we went devon england lots of castles leeds castle boblem castle

i love castles in scotland england Ireland in scotland we went edbourgh castle
stiring castle lots of battlefieds we went bannockburn stature robert the bruce
i love robert the bruce
william wallace

rob roy macgeoger i love scotland england
ireland i love to go sightseeing in scotland ireland we went northern ireland
my family lived dongal enniskeined strbane tyrone in northern ireland
we saw rob roy mcgroger grave my family are macleod i saw dunvergen castle skye

and we went to harris and lewis and back to scotland i am daniel macclure clan
macleod. macclure
treval scotland to ireland back and forth called scotties in
ireland nothern ireland

and we went to dublin we saw st patrickas grave

st patrickas catherdal down patricka

i love benretty castle carricfarkas castle
windsor castle edurburgh castle stiring castle battle stiring bridge
lots of castle in ireland england scotland i love castles my favivate movie
bravehart william walliace freedom freedom we saw monument william walliace

i love bravehart battle of stiring with english aganist scots i love battlefields
in ireland my family are macgonaheys maclures hallards shararfes
in england iam british my family in england mendenhalls wilsons whirshire england
scotland my family are maclures macleods macleans macgrogers campbells

we went madam thousades wax figers in london

we saw statue peter pan in
kingstein garden bobbys london police changing the guards in london
house of parlaiment big ben westmister church i love tony bair prime minster