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Friday, September 02, 2005

Italy my fravoite country

[see Italy Road Ways; Sicily Road Ways]
i love Italy venice i love venice canels wailing around canels
water everywhere in venice we take crise we saw two dome churches
in vence at night
in vence i have spgateia bolunsea with pasta
meat sauce i love it my fravoite pasta

we treval my fravoite is
rome i love rome i saw roman colusium roman forum many temples in rome
we waiked around rome we saw julius caesar i love juilus caeser
we saw a temple where juilus caeser was strabb i love temple in rome
and we walked st peters squrae vatican we went in vatican i love
it is big
inside underground crypt inside vatican in middle i love pope st john paul 2
we saw a roman soider outside coliesum i love roman army in rome

we went bolgania we saw statue neptune and went the city of neptune i love
neptune god of sea i saw neptune rome and flrance city of neptune

in florance we waiked around we saw statue of divad in florence
and dome church florence many lots of statues

we went to pompeii
i love pompeii mount vereus a volcano i love volcano twon of pompeii
hurreiuem and we went up sky volcanco etna in scility at hotel. we spent night hotel up the sky near a volcano we saw puffy up in sky
love scility


we saw valley of temples i love valley of temples we waiekd around
i love treval and trips in Italy i love Italian food in Italy

we went anzio beach world war 2 i love world war 2 in Italy anzio is my favoite
history worlds history in Italy i love history in Italy we take crise italy
to sicity
and we saw grapevines we love grapevines


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