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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dan in Slovakia; Dan's logs, transcribed.

Topic: Our Slovakia Road Ways; Europe Road Ways

Vienna Bratislave Budapest. We went Mikulov, Czech Republic, then Vienna. We stay small hotel (after Vienna), small breakfast. We saw Bratislava castle, and we saw memorial to all soviets. walked around old town St. Michael's gate we saw statue of Napoleon and the bench, and Roland statue and we have eggs I have omelet.

Then we saw a sign and went to Budapest, stay, and then back to Slovakia.

Budapest Slovakia border. Lovice. Then this morning to Bojnice the castle. We saw three Indians singing (at the street fair) and walked around war memorial in Bojnice. Bojnic Castle was closed until morning so walked around town, market, war memorial, I saw mom talking to gypsies.

Bojnice. Martin Barnaskia. Bysterica Zvolen Bojnice castle.

Bojnice: There is a ghost festival in the castle. I love ghost festival lots of ghost soldier ghost with a drum. There is a ghost in the castle

There is a statue in a square in Martin town. Czecesolvia Embassey. SNP Museum. Russian Memorial in the square. Nazis slovak Jews memorial uprising. big gun tanks in the tillage. Gingerbread house. Big trees moon shining.

Saw castle on a cliff town of Zvolen. War memorial CAStle SNP memorial me and military place central slovakia. Light up castle.

Saw castle on a cliff.

To Topol Ciansky castle ruin. We can't find the Beckov castle. Past any castle we cannot the castle Nitra. Nitra castle on a rocky ledge. I love the castle.

Lovice Memorial Hrdinon Baia a Prace Zaoslobedience ceskoslovenske republiby oavecna panet 1944-1945 Levice Castle

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