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Thursday, May 27, 2010

germany is my fravite country

[See Germany Road Ways]

i love germany to love learn world war 1,2 in germany
weimar, sad place buchenwald too but i love it i learn

i am yery intrest in history in germany concerntion camps i saw memorial
to all the victims who died in concernation camp .

my fravite place in berlin i love learn berlin wall memorial near over berlin
east germany west germany and checkpoint charle in berlin knock down the walls

we saw the walls are standing all over berlin i am very intrest
and i saw soviet war memorial with canons

the russains in berlin in checkpoint charle to go sightseeing

in postam we went headquarters we have a tour inside office of americans and
office of russain, office of british inside the headquarters their meeting rooms
serprate rooms i love it i am very intrest .

wittenberg we went to see martin lurther we saw castle church and where martin lurther
house we have a tour inside

i love martin luther he is politestant i am politestant with
martin lurthur
i saw statue of martin lurthur and we saw he works in church in wittenberg

neusthwanstein castle we have tour inside castle i love it fariy tale snow white castle

and we saw brothers grim fairy tale musem
solorwait pictrue fairy tale i love brothers grim
we in mountains we saw hitlers headquaters on top mountain very high in munich
we have tour munich my dad was station in outside munich he was american army
we went inside beer hall later wasion and i have tall glass of beer party
party i love
the band everyone drinking beer and watched the band dress lateraison

rhine river we saw castle [note - that little side turret to the left of the tower is the old toilet - not as white going down that side]

i love rhine river we went twon remagen world war 2
i saw memorial on top mountain
and i saw paece phymaid memorial i went clumb
the bridge two ruins of bridge we hear bagpipe
i love bridge remagen gone

we went Cologne- more organ grnders


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